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Andrew Wagner
Assistant Director of Facilities
Dept(s): Facilities (C&W Services)

Robin Wallace
Reading Tutor
Dept(s): Pioneer Valley K-12 Tutorial

Deja Ware
Senior Admissions Counselor
413.205.3910 Box:6B
Dept(s): Undergraduate Admissions

Alina Washington
Adjunct Faculty, Sociology
Dept(s): Sociology (Academics)

Wendy Waskiewicz
Adjunct Faculty, Physical Therapy
Dept(s): Physical Therapy (Academics)

Kyeesha Weaver
Adjunct Faculty, Sociology
Dept(s): Sociology (Academics)

Max Weir
Assistant Baseball Coach
Dept(s): Men's Baseball Team

Brian Welch
Reading Tutor K-12
Dept(s): Tutoring and Writing Center

Stefanie Whalen
Adjunct Faculty, Exercise Science
Dept(s): Exercise Science (Academics)

Margaret Whitehead
Adjunct Faculty, English Box:11L
Dept(s): English (Academics)

Tonya Wilkerson
Data Entry Operations Clerk
413.205.3479 Box:6B
Dept(s): Undergraduate Admissions

Maria Williams
Adjunct Faculty, Extended Campus Program
Dept(s): Extended Campus Program (XCP)

Linette Wilson, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing
413.654.1437 Box:12L
Dept(s): Nursing (Academics)

Tyler Wingate
Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach
Dept(s): Women's Volleyball Team

Matthew Woodard
Assistant Men's Ice Hockey Coach
Dept(s): Men's Ice Hockey Team

Misty Woodbury
Director of Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship
Dept(s): The Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (CETLS)

Edwina Woods
Administrative Assistant
Dept(s): Education, School of

Tara Woods
Adjunct Faculty, Social Work
Dept(s): Sociology (Academics)

Sarah Wooley
Athletic Trainer
Dept(s): Athletics - Athletic Training

Kara Woolridge
Adjunct Faculty, Occupational Therapy
Dept(s): Occupational Therapy (Academics)

Giavanna Worthy
Assistant Director of Student Life for Student Engagement
413.205.3915 Box:3A
Dept(s): Center for Student Engagement

Shalina Wray
Nursing Clinical Adjunct
Dept(s): Nursing (Academics)

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