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Cory O'Brien
Reading Tutor (PVK-12)
Dept(s): Pioneer Valley K-12 Tutorial

Debra O'Connor
Adjunct Faculty, Extended Campus Program
Dept(s): Extended Campus Program (XCP)

Heidi O'Connor, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
413.205.3301 Box:2A
Dept(s): Psychology (Academics)

Kathy O'Connor
Adjunct Faculty, Nursing
Dept(s): Nursing (Academics)

Kristin O'Connor
Adjunct Faculty, FNP Program
Dept(s): Nursing (Academics)

Terrence O'Neill
Director of the ACE Program
413.205.3269 Box:45
Dept(s): Center for Academic Success

Brian O'Shaughnessy
Vice President for Student Affairs
413.205.3247 Box:3A
Dept(s): Student Affairs

Moira O'Shea, MSN, RN, CNE
Associate Professor of Nursing
413.205.3533 Box:12L
Dept(s): Nursing (Academics)

Wole Oke
Advisor for Student Athlete Success Box:4B
Dept(s): Athletics

Robert Opsitnick
Adjunct Faculty, Criminal Justice
Dept(s): Criminal Justice (Academics)

Christopher Oroszko
Assitant Men's Basketball Coach
413.205.3509 Box:4B
Dept(s): Men's Basketball Team

Edward Orszulak
Adjunct Faculty, Extended Campus Program
Dept(s): Extended Campus Program (XCP)

Joan Ortiz
Student Accounts Assistant
413.205.3243 Box:8B
Dept(s): Student Accounts Office

Jonathan Ortiz
Instructional Technology Specialist
Dept(s): Academic Computing

Kimberly Otterstetter
Adjunct Faculty, Online
Dept(s): Academic Affairs Office

Terrylee Ouellette
Mailroom Staff
Dept(s): Mailroom

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