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Physical Therapy (Academics)

Department phone: 413.205.3046

Tracy Brudvig, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS
Director, Division of Physical Therapy and Professor

Lauren Arcibal, DPT
Instructor for Physical Therapy, Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education

Patrick Carley, PT, DHA, MS
Professor of Physical Therapy
413.205.3294 Box:PT

Phyllis Clapis, PT, DHSc, MS, OCS
Professor of Physical Therapy
413.205.3222 Box:12L

Tracie Klekotka, PT, DPT, MPH, CLT-LANA
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy; Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education
413.205.3412 Box:12L

Susan Mercik-Davis, PT, DPT, MS
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
413.205.3867 Box:12L

Kelly Challet
Adjunct Faculty, Physical Therapy

Michele Favolise, PT, DPT
Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
413.205.3253 Box:12L

Paul Higgins
Adjunct Faculty, Physical Therapy

Amelia Janeczek, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair of Biology, Neuroscience and Gross Anatomy Faculty for OT and PT, Coordinator of Undergraduate Physical Therapy
413.205.3241 Box:18

Kristin Kelleher
Adjunct Faculty, Physical Therapy

MaryAnn Kniska
Adjunct Faculty, Physical Therapy

Grace Malloy
Administrative Assistant for Physical Therapy

Tara Maroney, PT, DPT, GCS
Instructor of Physical Therapy

Kathleen McCauley
Adjunct Faculty, Physical Therapy

Gail Stern, PT, PhD, NCS
Professor of Physical Therapy
413.205.3549 Box:12L

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