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Post: Jul 17 2019

Type: IWS


May not work when class is scheduled even if class is canceled (no exceptions)


Student Engagement


Katelyn Hurley & Ashlee Givens


The TAPER Yearbook editor is responsible for the overall content and development of the yearbook. The editor, with the assistance of the Yearbook Committee and advisor, will collect and edit content for the TAPER yearbook in order to ensure the continuation of this long-standing AIC tradition.

Essential Functions

  • Promote and build a yearbook committee by attending the Annual Engagement Fair in the Fall Semester.
  • Work with the Yearbook advisor to set a realistic deadline breakdown for the year.
  • Issues assignments and make sure those assignments are completed in a timely manner.
  • Manages or delegates all aspects of theme/concept work, including selection, development, design and production of cover, endsheets, title page, opening, dividers, closing and other related details.
  • Collects content from faculty and staff members, students, organizations, etc. for TAPER.
  • Organize content in an aesthetically pleasing way using the website - Yearbook Avenue.
  • Leads by example as a communicative, prompt, responsible, responsive, effective editor whose concern is for the committee as a whole.
  • Completes the final check of all pages prior to submission and works with the advisor to ensure timely, correct submission of all deadlines to Jostens.
  • Modifies policies and procedures as the year progresses to improve the process and the product.

General Qualifications

  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse student, faculty and staff populations.
  • Strong organizational abilities and time management skills.
  • Capacity for discretion and confidentiality when working with students and administrators.
  • Ability to be creative and innovative.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, self-motivation, and maturity.
  • Knowledge and experience with current administrative software: (ie: MS Word, Excel, Internet browsers, Canva, etc).
  • Ability to work independently or within a team setting.
  • Maintain good academic and judicial standing.

Schedule Expectations

The Yearbook Editor position is a scholarship position and can work a maximum number of ten hours a week.

A typical shift would be: Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm

The yearbook editor has flexible hours and can work remotely when using the Yearbook Avenue website, but is required to spend at least six hours a week in the Center for Student Engagement during office hours.

The Yearbook Editor will be required to attend trainings and committee meetings determined by the Coordinator of Student Life.

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