Intramural Game Worker

Federal Work Study (Springfield MA)

Post: Jul 02 2019

Type: FWS


May not work when class is scheduled even if class is canceled (no exceptions)

Must be eligible for Federal Work Study


Campus Recreation


Allen Girouard


The purpose of the Intramural Game Worker position is to facilitate and work nightly intramural activities by helping to uphold all rules and regulations of the AIC Intramural program. The duties of the position are as follows: * Setting up equipment and other items necessary for the night’s contests. * Promote and advertise for the intramural program. * Help students navigate the AIC page in order to help them sign up and participate in Intramurals. * Officiate intramural activities. * Attend and participate in all required trainings. * Record stats and results of games.

Hours for this position are primarily weekday nights starting after 7pm and going past 11pm. Other times occur as well.

Employer's online application:

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